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Marybeth Mattson & Jeanne Kuhns have joined forces with former Lost Mothra bassist Patrick Palmer,
to create SMALL FOREST, performing original, progressive folk-pop and indie-rock!
Singer/songwriter Marybeth Mattson first took to the stage as a performance poet in college. Moving home to Door County after completing college, Marybeth began singing with her mother (folk musician Jeanne Kuhns) before beginning to write and perform her own songs, solo at first, and later with Seth Raddatz. Currently, Mattson performs throughout Door County and the midwest with Kuhns and Patrick Palmer in their new band, Small Forest.

Cutting her musical teeth at open mics throughout Door County, Marybeth has developed her own sound and performs with  confidence and an undeniable charm. With lyrics that are both poetic and deliberate, Marybeth offers a new twist on the folk genre as she enchants listeners with a balance of sweet and salty vocals. She plays with passion and honesty in a style that has been called Folk-Pop by local fans.

The artists recorded on Relative Hunger, Marybeth's first album, have been dubbed Mb's Hijacked Band: Seth Raddatz (Sunmark) on lead and slide guitar, and back up vocals; Dan Smrz (Abnormal Cattle) on percussion; and Patrick Palmer (Small Forest) on bass.
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